Censorship attack on the Heretics' Letters!

On 30.03.2010, we received – in the form of a registered letter with return receipt – a censorship threat from the "Federal Office for Media Harmful to Young Persons" in Bonn. The bone of contention is issue No 157/158 of our journal Ketzerbriefe ("Heretics' Letters"), which deals with the "shameful injustice being committed against Roman Polanski", talks of the current status of the extremely successful campaign of solidarity with the director, who has been nastily mistreated and extorted, puts his persecution in the context of the paedophile craze, which has been whipped up by the media for years, and which above all contains numerous readers' letters, which include open comments on their own sexual experiences as children and adolescents and the reactions of adults to them and also current observations about how laws on sexual offences are being toughened uniformly across Europe at the behest of the USA.

Talking about sexuality openly and without fear? Not having that!

This is how some would-be inquisitors in the traditionally Social Democratic town of Bremerhaven felt at least, because they have filed an application to include this issue of Ketzerbriefe on the "List of Media Harmful to Young Persons". This application was made to the head of the "Federal Office", Mrs Monssen-Engberding, who gave us the unusually short notice of one week – and that just before the Easter holidays, mind!! – to state any "objections" to the planned censorship proceeding.

Adenauer marches again – but all over Europe this time!

Read the application made by the censors carefully and let your brain absorb this text, which in its German original is overflowing with mistakes, half-baked and contaminated with orthographical, logical and syntactical errors. The style reminds us of Sprenger and Institoris, the Dominican priests and authors of the notorious "Malleus Maleficarum", who, although they were also appalling at writing, still managed to be responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. Illogicality, linguistic impurity and violence – from the index librorum prohibitorum to the destruction of livelihoods or the stake – are a kind of Holy Trinity for people like this.

And here is the original of the dimwit application from the northern obscurantists (even the file number sounds mediaeval: "51/94/Ketz"; how was it in the late Middle Ages, we wonder? "Proceedings against Gretl Tennenberg on account of wizardry and coupling with the devil, File No 49.651/16 Hex" perhaps?), sent to us without any comment annexed to the announcement of the proceeding against us, short and sweet as befits the situation, a territio verbalis (for those in the know) in traditional Inquisition style:

für jugendgefährdende

The President



Re.: Book "Ketzerbriefe – Flaschenpost für unangepaßte Gedanken"
Encl.: Copy of the application
Pr. 389/10 (please quote in all correspondence)

Dear Sir/Madam,

A decision will be passed on the aforementioned medium in a simplified proceeding in accordance with Section 23 (1) of the JuSchG (Youth Protection Act).

You have the opportunity to decide within one week of receiving this notice whether and what objections you wish to raise against this simplified proceeding.

Yours faithfully,
Elke Monssen-Engberding

Seestadt Bremerhaven

Office for Youth and family
Youth Protection

To the
für jugendgefährdende

Application in accordance with Section 18 (1) of the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG)

Dear Sir/Madam,
This application is to have the following printed work

Ketzerbriefe – Flaschenpost für unangepasste Gedanken 157/158

by the publishers

Bund gegen Anpassung, Postfach 254, D-79002 Freiburg, www.bund-gegen-anpassung.com,

entered on the list of 'Media Harmful to Young Persons' according to Section 18 (1) of the Youth Protection Act.

This work was published in 2009 by AHRIMAN Verlag, Postfach 6569, D-79041 Freiburg, Tel 0761-502303, Fax 0761-502247, www.ahriman.com. It is 108 pages long and can be purchased from AHRIMAN and at bookshops for € 9.00.

After closely examining the contents of this issue of the Ketzerbriefe, we have come to the conclusion that throughout the issue, different authors present, describe and ultimately justify paedophilic deeds in an unacceptable manner. Here, it is claimed that parents and society deform a "natural sexuality between children and adults" that only serve to cause harm to children and make them ill. Parents and society, it continues, are not interested in the sensibilities of children and the term "paedophile craze" equates this with witch-hunting, the Inquisition and the persecution of minorities during the Third Reich. This is, it is claimed, about the sexual crippling of entire peoples. The weak paedophile minority are portrayed as victims of a cruel, abysmal system of injustice.


Page 8/13, "The destruction of the better times and the new paedophile mania"

Here, the enemies of humanity are harvesting the disgusting fruits of feminism and increasing stultification and impoverishment by the sackful. By means of the appropriate laws and state measures, which accumulate in their life-poisoning effects, a new, sinister quality has been reached in the last 2-3 years under the silencing stigma of "paedophile"… let us first cast some light onto the origins of this modern-day witch-hunting, which in its present form has not fallen from the skies, but has required perseverant and patient preparation and installation… Anand Jon… could not have been prosecuted at the time for the same reason, that of losing face, which would have disturbed the mendacious freedom propaganda – but in the summer of 2009, after a two-year trial, the 35-year-old fashion designer… was sentenced to 59(!) years imprisonment, an incident that received hardly any press coverage. His "crime" was (as in the case of Polanski) mutually agreed sexual contact with persons defined as "children" but who were in reality sexually mature adolescents able to make decisions… and also women of full legal age who later claimed they had been abused or raped… and in every case the "victims" had voluntarily called on the alleged perpetrator…

Page 28/29, "Against any feelings of a child"

In 1959 I was 9 years old, and on my way home from school one day my school friends and I saw, from mid-distance, a man who turned to us and exposed his genitals…I was more naïve and looked at the man rather blatantly and asked the others why they were cackling so much…The man did nothing to us… he pulled up his trousers and walked off… I told my mother about the experience. My mother displayed the same excitable behaviour as my school friends… and pressed charges… but I hadn’t been afraid, in fact I was interested… the man didn’t arouse any fear in me, I didn’t suffer as a consequence of the experience and I never understood what exactly I should have suffered from… I had a guilty conscience and couldn’t really say why. On the one hand, I felt sorry for the man…but then I was…afraid to confront him…the really "bad" thing was my prudish parents and not the man, who was a poor man really.

Pages 32/3, "Sexual attack by a three-year-old girl"

… in short, I had taken to the little one, and she to me too. Her mother asked me… to take her for a little walk. So we went to the nearby wood and talked about this and that… I suggested we sit down… she sat down next to me, and suddenly, after a while, she grabbed my hand, put it between her legs and pressed her thighs together. I was amazed, speechless and completely shocked… I didn’t move my hand, didn’t withdraw it because I didn’t want to alienate or shock her…. I stayed motionless, paying attention to my surroundings and waited to see what would happen. After two or three minutes…she released my hand again, sat on my knee facing forward, grabbed my ears with both hands, smiled at me and pressed a kiss onto my lips. Then we finally set off home. Oof!!!!... I was innocent at this time, so to speak…I was a student, an athletic, well-trained 19-year-old, meanwhile well-trained in using hand weapons…to kill as many Warsaw Pact soldiers as possible. And someone like me should really have been "seduced" by a three-year-old, taken by surprise, without defending himself? You can imagine what THAT verdict would be…

Page 78, "Freedom and Pornography": No-one gets out of here alive

In the trial of Jürgen Bartsch, everything imaginable happened to keep out the decisive point, not to make it part of the trial, an object of public discussion. (…) The story of Jürgen Bartsch and the process itself revealed, in a monstrous accumulation in the wretchedness of this person, the wretchedness of society in which he lived and killed – to an extent that has hardly even been described and hardly ever become visible so crassly before. But the court did everything in its power to prevent the conditions that were the force behind Jürgen Bartsch’s development from being used in the trial… But paedophilia, with its frequently immanent element of cruelty to those weaker than oneself, is precisely apt to express an accusation against an abysmally evil system of injustice…

All in all, in our opinion, the articles in this issue of Ketzerbriefe play down paedophilia in general and have an overwhelming tendency to excuse criminal paedophile actions. Perpetrators are made victims here, and that to an unacceptable extent.

This journal communicates a false picture of what is normal between young people and adults and glosses over the limits of the right to self-determination of children and adolescents. There is a serious risk here that children and adolescents are impaired in their possibilities of defending themselves against sexual attacks. The question, linked to this, of what adults are permitted to do and what they have to tolerate in terms of overstepping the limits influences their right to self-determination.

For these reasons we would ask you to check this journal and possibly include it on the list of ‘Media Harmful to Young Persons’.

Head of the Office

And this is our response:

An die
Bundesprüfstelle für
jugendgefährdende Medien
Postfach 140165
53056 Bonn

Freiburg, den 30.03.10

Re: Pr. 389/10

Dear Mrs Monssen-Engberding,

The applicant Hild’s (Bremerhaven Youth and Family Bureau) understanding of law seems to be as paltry as her knowledge of grammar and orthography. The parts she has raised her objection to refer to
a.) autobiographical texts, i.e. the memories of different individuals,
b.) historical events and their evaluation.
So in both cases this concerns objectively examinable events such as the Church’s burning of witches or Adenauer’s procuration law, which one is free to consider good or bad and which one can suffer under or be happy about, depending on whether one is a moral tapeworm or a freedom-loving individual. And these facts, and above all the emotions connected to them, cannot be changed one iota by any taxpayer-supported pedant (male or female, even with a telling double surname).

Before the "simplified proceeding" – whatever that may be – or even a complicated one is convened, we would ask to oblige the applicant to clarify, within one week, the following three points regarding her application (which are, let’s face it, being used as excuses for censorship):
1.) What is "normal between young people and adults"?
2.) What are the "limits of the right to self-determination of children and adolescents"?
3.) What are the "possibilities" of "children and adolescents" of "defending themselves against sexual attacks" (particularly when these attacks are carried out by legal guardians or representatives of the State and Church)?

In the meantime, our main objection to the proceeding is as follows:

"Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing, and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcast and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.” (German Constitution, Art. 5 (1))

(NB: As regards Art. 5 (2) of the Constitution, which contains restrictions inter alia for "child protection", the burden of proof lies with the applicant. See points 1 – 3 above.)

As far as the other illogical, linguistically impure ravings of the applicant are concerned, please see the original communication, a copy of which we have enclosed with our own marginal notes.


The threatened "simplified proceeding" consists – as far as we understand it – in three state servants sitting in true democratic style in a dark little room – and that, as we have discovered, in mass-production style – and making their censorship decision (which then has to be contested, all costing time and money!!!). If the issue of the Ketzerbriefe in question is included on the censorship list, it will not be allowed to be displayed or offered anywhere where children and adolescents can see them, so not in bookshops, libraries etc., and this issue cannot be advertised or distributed. So (once again) the cast-iron fact of children's sexuality is denied, as if no-one has eyes in their head or Sigmund Freud had never published "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality" (in 1905: there was a lot of similar slobbering, but reason and logic were not so covered in garbage as they are today, because there was no television).

The intention is obvious:

No-one should be allowed to have their own thoughts and perceive their own sensations – this is why they want censorship!

Fear, inhibitions, denunciation and envy instead of mental freshness, intelligence, ability to remember and – cross yourselves! – carefree, fearless sexuality – that's why they want censorship!

As always, the maxim is:


And another afterthought for those who wish to remember: this proceeding that has been initiated against us – as one of many stinking fruits of the Europe-wide aggravation of the laws on sexual offences (see Ketzerbriefe 142 from November 2007 (in German language) – they have never been as valuable as today!) – is the seed of that miserable feminist plague, propagated in Germany by Schwarzer, which has now borne fruit. What started with the outcry against the pill and the "PorNo" campaign – at that time there was a lot of riling and braying against the Marquis de Sade, Henry Miller, Vladimir Nabokov and many, many others – is now ending with the criminalisation of all adolescent generations: now an 18-year-old boy is supposed to wind up in prison for having sex with a 17-year-old girl, the latter being redefined as a child by this law (the whole thing also works vice versa, of course – equality of injustice for all! – while we demand equality instead of feminism). And never forget that you have Schwarzer, the Hitler Concordat-favoured clergy and the cartel parties to thank for all this!