We have to stay on the alert
On the current status of the threat to censor the KETZERBRIEFE ("Heretics' Letters")

After the "Federal Office for Media Harmful to Young Persons" had tersely informed us by registered letter with return receipt on March 30, 2010, just shortly before the Easter holidays, that they were going to decide, in a "simplified proceeding", on the application to ban issue No. 157/158 of our periodical KETZERBRIEFE ("Heretics' Letters") and giving us the unusually short notice of one week to raise "objections" to it, it has become ghastly silent after this censorship threat. What has happened since then? Nothing. After numerous protest letters were received from Germany and abroad in no time which is certainly unique in the censorship office's history like, for example, from the U.S., from India, Thailand and many European countries, the censors are now playing for time, they wait, expecting the matter will fall into oblivion, in order to possibly make their next move when the appropriate time has come as always, the men and, in this case, especially the women of obscurantism shun the light and public attention.

Thanks to the immediate and determined protest, this governmental reptile's lust for censorship has been kept in check and the constitutional right to freedom of opinion defended for the time being. Solidarity pays! Yet, we must not forget that the outcome of this case is still pending. Hence, we have to stay on the alert!

We will, of course, report on any further development in the matter.