Protest against the censoring of the special issue of our magazine KETZERBRIEFE published in support of Roman Polanski!

The German government has censored the issue on the basis of the flagrant lie that the texts contained in it propagate acts of paedophilia. In fact, they never do.

By a decision notified to our publishing house early in September 2010, the German government has censored issue No 157/158 of AHRIMAN's political magazine KETZERBRIEFE ('Heretics' Letters'), a special issue of around 100 pages dedicated to the defence of Roman Polanski. By this decision, the booklet has been put on an index (called 'list of youth-endangering media') of publications excluded from regular book-trade under penalty of imprisonment or a fine.

Please consider before you continue reading that informing about this arbitrary act alone is already threatened with punishment by the very authorities of that very state that avails itself of this act respectively commits such acts.

The censoring of this booklet has been ordered by a commission of three lady censors of the so-called 'Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons', which is affiliated to the German Family Ministry. The decision has been based on the so-called German 'Law against Smut and Trash' (meanwhile renamed 'Youth Protection Law') which was adopted in 1953 by the semi-dictatorial, dyed-in-the-wool Catholic Adenauer government at the instigation of the two big German Churches. The reasons given for this decision consist exclusively of a flagrant lie: The censors allege that the magazine issue, in particular a number of authentic personal witness reports contained in it, propagates sexual contacts between adults and children! (In fact, it simply advocates Freud's theory of infantile sexuality in a rather scholarly manner, supported by a series of soberly reported documents.)

It has to be stated: The censored issue of the KETZERBRIEFE does not contain anything that suggests, let alone recommends or justifies sexual activities or even only vaguely sexual activities of sexually mature persons with pre-pubertal minors!

The incriminated KETZERBRIEFE issue, published in December 2009, documents AHRIMAN's active contribution, including the collection of thousands of protest signatures for example on the International Frankfort Book Fair, to the worldwide campaign for the release of the world-famous film director arrested as something like a hostage by the Swiss government. Further, the magazine issue places the Polanski case in its larger context, that is to say the planned (and already started) introduction of the islamoid-puritan US laws on sexual offences in all countries of the European Union (to be followed by the whole globe, of course). In the editorial, the well-known book author and physician Kerstin Steinbach analyses the way in which this severe tightening of the European legislation is currently, obviously following a directive by the US government, pushed through by a massive media campaign fomenting a paedophile hysteria quite comparable to the witch-hunting mania. In the interest of an unbiased and free-from-fear discussion of the question of sexual self-determination, the issue in particular includes a number of authentic witness reports, mainly sent in by readers personally known to the editors, all of them of academic rank and education, in which they describe memories, activities, observations or fantasies of children respectively from their own childhood relating to sexuality which they have experienced or had the opportunity to observe in their own life. The issue is rounded off by an article of the young German psychoanalyst Simone Reißner who explores the phenomena of the real paedophilia in the light of the classical psychoanalysis. In these texts, which discuss the question of sexual self-determination from the different angles of political analysis, authentic individual experiences and psychoanalytical research, there cannot be found, contrary to the 'Federal Department's' made-up assertion, a single sentence that suggests or advocates acts of paedophilia this is simply a lie! (Of course, you as well as anybody else may not share our conclusions, aims, or opinions in general, even fervently be opposed to them, but that is a different matter.)

It is known at the latest since the case of the 'Piglet Book' (an illustrated children's book critical of religion) of the German ALIBRI publishing house that this contemptible censor's office carries out the suppression of writings which are disagreeable to it (or to the Church) on the basis of purposefully wrong assertions, i.e. that it suppresses theses writings on account of sentences which can nowhere be found in them. (In the case of the 'Piglet Book' on account of an imaginary criticism of the Jewish race, where it could be clearly seen that it was a matter of criticism of the Bible's dogmas, or in our case the allegation of a call for paedophilia, of which there is to be found in our book at least as little as in every papal encyclical, but by the suppression of the original the lie is supposed to be no longer verifiable.) We assume a very high number of unreported cases of similar lies and suppressions by the same perpetrators, i.e. an unusually cynical and broad combating of the freedom of opinion under above-average mendacious pretexts.

Having regard to Germany's sinister historical experience of the Hitler fascists' public burning of books in 1933 and the following twelve years of total government censorship, Article 5 of the German Constitution of 1949 solemnly guarantees the freedom of opinion and of information, of art and of science, and expressly adds: 'There shall be no censorship'. The so-called 'Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons', founded in defiance of this article by Adenauer as early as 1953 as a new governmental censor's office under the pretext of 'protecting the young', has behind it a long and infamous history of stifling censorship (not restricted to Germany, of course remember e.g. the famous Baudelaire or 'Madame Bovary' cases), putting on its index, in the course of the years, thousands and thousands of publications considered to be 'immoral' in the sense of the 'Christian Occidental culture', among them numerous works of the world literature, e.g. of Henry Miller, Donatien A. F. de Sade, Pierre Louÿs and many others. German publishers have demanded since a long time, to quote e.g. a public resolution adopted by renowned German publishers in 1968, to 'put an end to the almost unlimited power of the Federal Department'. Still, the latter has not only carried on its unconstitutional activities behind closed doors until the present day, but in recent times has been extending them more and more to publications of clearly political content or critical of religion. In our case even a psychoanalytical essay has been put on the index less than eighty years after the Nazis publicly burnt the writings of Sigmund Freud on the Opera Square in Berlin.

It is your protest that counts now. Only strong international protests will be able to force the German government to revoke this act of censorship by removing the censored book again from its index (indeed there have been examples of success in similar cases in our publishing house Hyam Maccoby's 'Mythmaker' respectively its public presentation was concerned, recently ALIBRI's 'Piglet Book' always international attention and vigilance were decisive). The next step in the procedure will be a hearing in closed session before a twelve-members-commission of the censor's office (instead of a three-members-commission). This hearing has now been scheduled for 2nd December 2010! If the censorship is not revoked on this occasion, it will then be for us to file an action against it before the courts for years, if not decades (there are numerous examples that prove this estimation to be realistic). Only if it will be clear from numerous protest letters addressed to the censor's office that the international public follows the case attentively, there will be a chance of restoring the freedom of opinion and of science, at least in this quite exemplary case, as guaranteed by the German Constitution.

You can find on our internet site the censorship decision as well as our appeal against it, both in the German original and its English translation, as well as a number of protest letters addressed to the censor's office. Please spread the present information and motivate others to protest also against the censorship! We are at your disposal for any supplementary question or information.