Dear Friends and Supporters of Alexander Dorin,

Good News at last:

As Dorin's lawyer just informed us, Alexander Dorin was released today from prison after an almost 4-months' period of remand!

This success is certainly due to the widespread public interest and attention which we were able to raise together with all those who informed the public about this case of injustice and called for protest against it as well as for participation in our solidarity campaign A Postcard for Alexander Dorin and thereby managed to put pressure upon the authorities. So the anaerobes have been exposed to oxygen, and thatīs what they hate most. For, as we have learned, protest letters and postcards were sent from all over the world, e.g. from Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Rumania, the USA, Russia, Lebanon, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt, Australia, Vietnam, Croatia, Taiwan, and, of course, a great number from Serbia due to the regular reports and the wide distribution of the Serbian newspaper Vesti.

However, since this does, of course, not mean that proceedings have been concluded, nor that the authorities' intention to put Dorin into a criminal grimy corner had ever changed a bit, public attention must not diminish. We will keep you informed as soon as we obtain further news in the case.

With kind regards,
Monika Fritz

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