Dni Ateizmu – Days of Atheism in Warsaw 2014

It was the first time that an international Atheist Congress was held in Warsaw – the »Days of Atheism« (»exorcising the gods« so to speak) which took place from March 28 - 30, 2014 and in which we participated at the invitation of the organizers. During these three days in the capital of ultra-Catholic Poland, filled with film presentations, conferences and discussions, we as the only German organization that took part in the congress, not only had the opportunity to inform our hosts about facts unknown to them from the country of the Hitler Concordat, which is still in effect up to this very day, but also learned and experienced ourselves quite a few things that hardly fit in with the conception of a Polish church state. We were pleasantly surprised by the freedom of speech and assembly existing there, a freedom that has meanwhile become inconceivable for someone living under the conditions prevailing in Greater West Germany: for the congress was marked by the completely undisturbed commemoration of an early Polish martyr for the cause of enlightenment and victim of the church, Kasimierz Łyszczyński, who was persecuted, accused, tortured and, after his tongue had been torn out and his hands slowly burned, finally killed by the church's henchmen in the year 1689, i.e. 325 years ago, because of his book »De non existentia dei« (On the Non-Existence of God).

The speeches given by Ahriman's authors Dr. Kerstin Steinbach and Simone Reißner at two panel discussions during the congress are documented in the following:

  Speech of Dr. Kerstin Steinbach
  Speech of Simone Reißner

As a practical result and upon our initiative, the vast majority of congress attendees adopted a resolution protesting the scandalizing persecution of, and the US-American health authorities' chicaneries against, the gynaecologist Dr. Ann-Kristin Neuhaus for procuring abortions. This resolution is documented below.

Finally, here are some pictures to convey an impression of the congress and the march in remembrance of Kasimierz Łyszczyński, which went without any disturbances and progroms, as well as of the very impressive reconstruction of Łyszczyński's brutal murdering.