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Excerpt of KETZERBRIEFE [Heretical Letters] No. 23

Special Edition on the Second Gulf War

Special Edition on the Second Gulf War

40 p. / EUR 3,- / US$ 4,-
ISBN: 978-3-89484-213-0
ISBN-10: 3-89484-213-X

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From the preface:

»Being pupils, some of us had the wish that from the Middle Ages some kind of text had survived, saying something like: 'Who ever will read this later should not believe that there have been only malicious fools, Christians and witch-burners, that the 'age' had not permitted anything else, any nonsense had been believed, any atrocity been sanctioned by all! I, at least, did only obey under violence and as a pretence...' - such a text from the pen of a Cologne councillor from the starting period of the witch-hunt has actually survived; we shall print it some time in the future. For the time being this periodical has to serve as a bottle post for non-conformist ideas on a political level; also it shall preserve our Gulf-leaflets for better times (and our earlier Grenada-leaflet for comparison as well). But maybe not even centuries will be necessary; anyone who will reread this special issue in exactly ten years, will realize what a babble all the German-teachery dissociation from World War I, the Aztec and Herero Wars and the demolition of the Summer Palace at Peking is - even the very cheapest masks deceive children's eyes - , but also, how well he has invested his money. In any case, as a precaution, we have printed this issue on acid-free paper.«

From the contents:

  • Fritz Erik Hoevels: The second Gulf War and the Issue of Enlightenment
  • Peter Priskil: Cultural Vandalism in the Shadow of the War of Extermination
  • Alliance against Conformity: The Gulf leaflets