Peter Priskil

Peter Priskil:

Dr. Peter Priskil is a historian and literary scholar in Freiburg. He worked for many years as an editor and translator in a scientific publishing house, specializing in medieval studies and Paleolithic art. Since the recent aggressions of the United States, he has spent several periods of time in Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, starting in 1992. Another focus of his work is the application of authentic psychoanalysis to various fields of the so-called humanities.
Major works: Die Karmaten (The Qarmatians), Der verdrängte Humanismus (The Suppressed Humanism), Freuds Schlüssel zur Dichtung (Freud’s Key to Poetry), Der Kalte Krieg (The Cold War).

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Peter Priskil has published numerous articles in the journals Ketzerbriefe and System ubw.