To the
Prime Minister of India
Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaye
South Block
Raisina Hill
New Delhi
INDIA 110011

Freiburg, 26/06/2002

Dear Sir,

It is with burning anxiety that we, la´cist Europeans and enemies of colonialism-imperialism, notice that, obviously as a reaction and overreaction to Muslim encroachments on Hindu citizens and in defiance of the Muslims' justified interests by the local religious majority, Hindu citizens have formed militant groups in several regions of the country, especially in Gujarat, that are reported to have gone far beyond the right to self-defense and are said to have attacked and even killed Muslim citizens who did not do anything against them. As much as we understand the irritation caused among the majority of the population of a country which has been made victim of cruel Muslim invaders as well as of greedy Christian colonialists during its long and sorrowful history and, today, has to suffer from military aggressions from the Islamic side as well as from well-funded Christian and Muslim religious expansionists that go proselytizing in their country, as little can we watch encroachments by local Hindu majorities on local Muslim minorities without concern and indignation, not only because each and every individual has to be protected against religious pogromists as well as against imperialist carpet bombing and "peace keeping forces", but also because such actions are dangerous to the secular character of the Indian State which, as its most positive feature, attracts the sympathy of all enlightened and humanist-minded people all over the world to India, and also because they will provoke imperialist interference of such a cynical nature as we had to witness helplessly already up to now in so many parts of the world since the capitulation and enforced disintegration of the Soviet Union. We, therefore, urgently ask the responsible authorities of the Indian Union to defend the secular character of their state with resolution, to minimize the danger of imperialist interference with their internal affairs respectively the danger of the crushing and disintegration of their state and to ensure, by means of strict control, that Hindu as well as other militant groups in their state will never go beyond the scope of justified self-defense and will make good for any damage caused by them as far as possible.

Respectfully yours,

Bund gegen Anpassung (Association against Conformism)