Dear friends and supporters of Alexander Dorin,

We have some news, unfortunately no good ones, concerning the circumstances of A. Dorin's custody. He is being held in strict solitary confinement and does not have any contact to any of his fellow prisoners. The plan obviously is to cause the prisoner's breakdown, so that he will contribute to disguising the pretence character of his present persecution by appropriate confessions. Undoubtedly a press campaign against the already smugded victim is planned hereafter. Only public attention can prevent such an infamous calculation from working.

But there is one small encouraging information we still can publish: fourteen days ago, the editor of A. Dorin's Srebrenica-volume, Dr. Peter Priskil, had a long interview with the Serbian newspaper Vesti in order to support and defend A. Dorin, which was published in two parts.


Vesti is the only Serbian newspaper with international distribution that has not yet taken the course of unconditional surrender to the NATO-aggressors. There was an encouraging response: during the first two days already, more than 70 approving letters arrived, the flow of donations was substantial (so that we gathered a little more than the required sum by now), and we can be quite sure, that numerous protest letters from all over the world will have reached the Swiss Department of Justice at Bern, quite to the annoyance of the "willing executors" of US war policy and the corresponding lies, which A. Dorin unmasked in such an exemplary and thorough manner. This leads us to the crucial point of the matter:

What we deem appropriate now is a campaign of support for Alexander Dorin following the example of the solidarity campaign for Angela Davis.

Some of you will remember the fact that Angela Davis, after having been falsely accused by the US-authorities, could only be saved from execution on the electric chair by the fact that "One million postcards" from all over the world, mainly from the states of the Eastern Bloc arrived in the prison, where Angela Davis was held in custody. US justice authorities, plagued that way, had at that time to engage six additional employees in order to cope with the flood of solidarity postcards. Even if this time there will not be such a great number of postcards and the authorities will try to suppress them, this is exactly what we want to propose to you, for this will annoy the suppressors nevertheless. So do write postcards to Alexander Dorin who cleared up the facts and is a friend of truth, but is held in custody under the pretext of "cannabis-traffic", easily seen through as such. Encourage him to hold out and not relent in the face of those dirty and far-fetched pretexts. The substance of the infamous calculation – we want to point this out once more – is to put A. Dorin into a grimy criminal corner in order to disavow and neutralize his enlightening work.

Therefore: write a solidarity postcard to Alexander Dorin!

Address: Untersuchungsgefängnis Basel-Stadt (Remand Prison)
Binningerstrasse 21
CH-4051 Basel

In the case of Angela Davis, this action was decisive for the outcome – life or death – and we need not be any more intelligent!

If even a court of the almighty USA and one of the Third Reich, notorious for being especially fierce, could be forced back by the attention of the international public (the latter was the trial on the Reichstag fire), why should this not be possible with a court of servile and shaking Switzerland?! Especially if public attention is international. In the case of the trial on the Reichstag fire, it has been decisive, too.

Call on all your friends and acquaintances, especially from abroad, to write a postcard as well, for those who like so very much to do their foul work in the dark, dread the public as much as anaerobes dread oxygen!

PS. As a reminder: A. Dorin was arrested in the immediate run-up to NATO's twentieth rejoicing anniversary of "Srebrenica", immediately before he was to join an international conference at Belgrade by video-connection; a few days earlier, one of the most important Swiss newspapers reprinted a smear article, first published four years ago, which could be successfully quashed by legal means before already; and thirdly, the broadly published arrest of Naser Oric, proved guilty of mass murder and leader of muslim death squadrons, was staged in order to divert public attention from the arrest of Dorin. Oric has long been released, Dorin is still in custody! There is enough circumstantial evidence in order to suggest that this was a vassal service of the Swiss government to their American master.

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