Switzerland: a state no longer governed by the rule of law

All the world is railing at Berlusconi on higher order - for, after all, you have to obey the goggle-box, haven't you? Berlusconi was a swine, indeed, that cannot be denied. He implemented the practice of plain ROBBERY of private cars if their drivers had committed moderate traffic offences ("speed limit offenders"). Strangely enough, however, this was never brought up among all the dictated clamour against him. And, lo, how super-tame, if not toadying, had been the ADAC's (the German Automobile Club's) reaction! No wonder that SWITZERLAND felt encouraged to adopt this practice a couple of years later. And in Polanski's case, it was the first of all European countries to knuckle under to the USA. Well, with breathtaking speed the nice and clean country of Switzerland has thus turned into a state that is no longer governed by the rule of law... and the result of their last referendum on quite an important subject also makes us extremely suspicious: following the German model, a propaganda tax was to be imposed in Switzerland, meaning that everyone would have to pay radio and TV licence fees, even those who do not possess radio and TV sets nor want to possess them. For the gapless spreading of propaganda, however, these media are as instrumental today as the omnipresence of Christian crosses had been during the Middle Ages: they have facilitated enormously the waging of colonial wars or, more recently, wars of aggression against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia etc., and are similarly useful in many other respects. What makes the matter highly suspicious is that firstly, according to the results published by official quarters, 49.9 % of the Swiss people have rejected to accept this impertinence, while 50.1 % are willing to swallow it; the difference in votes is said to be about 3000. Secondly, the Swiss government refuses to have the votes recounted, despite numerous manifestations of mistrust among the population. This is all the more suspicious as very similar figures were reported from Switzerland regarding the issue of IDs with biometric data and fingerprints which deliver the US intelligence every information that is none of their business on a silver plate. And, thirdly, Swiss authorities (namely the municipal offices) admittedly have actively prevented the calling of several referendums for the defense of banking secrecy - a subject that must have been particularly annoying for the USA - by illegally withholding signature lists, which is a criminal act also under Swiss law. Isn't that good reason to suspect that there has been blackmailing behind the scenes of the kind "You have to fake the results of your referendums if they are likely to produce cracks in our gapless world rulership, or we will rob the rest of your banks too!"? This way, even super-upright and super-worthy, but terribly cowardly Switzerland could quickly decline and become just one of the many states that do not give a damn about the rule of law. We never exaggerate - and hasn't there been a warning for over 2000 years: "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don´t fall!".

History of the proceedings against Alexander Dorin:


We have learned just recently that our author Alexander Dorin has been arrested by Swiss authorities already 10 days ago and detained in prison in Basle since then. The authorities didn't give any information as regards the pretext of for Alexander Dorin's arrest, and up to now we couldn't get in contact with him in person. All we know is that Alexander Dorin has rejected court-assigned defence in order to avoid placing himself into a put-up game of his prosecutors who aim at varnishing the case.

We have managed to find a lawyer for the defence of Alexander Dorin.