Mass Neurosis Religion

Fritz Erik Hoevels

This book is a collection of essays which the author, a practising psycho-analyst, has, in the course of nearly two decades, written on the subject of religious phenomena, which he, on the one hand, can explain by the means Sigmund Freud has made available to mankind (demonstrating at the same time that any other explanation would remain either incorrect or incomplete), and, on the other hand, also uses to demonstrate the psycho-analytic method itself; all readers who are not familiar with it thus gain the advantage of an immediate introduction to it by illustrative examples, even if the described phenomena themselves may sometimes be rather insignificant. But for this very reason, they are especially suitable for demonstrating the psycho-analytic procedure because in those merely exemplary cases there are no emotions involved; psycho-analysis itself, if its findings are correct, must be inevitably cathected with emotions as soon as one comes into contact with it, and as it cannot evade this regrettable fate, it is probably of particular advantage to become acquainted with it by means of a different and centrally emotion-loaded subject like religion, sometimes even in its peripheral issues. But its central issue should not be neglected either; we can become aquainted with it especially from the essay on immortality.


  • Preface to the International English Edition
  • »Bhagwan« Rajneesh and the Dilemma of any Human-Centered Religion
  • »Dead« and »Away«
  • The Content of Truth in the »Theory of Totalitarianism«
  • The Hidden Psychology of Nudity
  • The Taboo of the Definite Article
  • Freud's handwritten corrections on the first typoscript page of »Moses«
  • Mithras and Christ
  • A Parareligious Conversion
  • A Chinese Legend Derived from Urinary Urge
  • The Idea of Immortality in the Light of Psychoanalysis
  • A Jewish Food Taboo and its Secret
  • Catholicism and Protestantism – Two Mass Neuroses
  • The Two Kinds of Thinking

Fritz Erik Hoevels:

Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Fritz Erik Hoevels is a psychoanalyst in Freiburg.
Major works: Marxismus, Psychoanalyse, Politik (Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Politics), Wilhelm Reichs Beitrag zur Psychoanalyse (Wilhelm Reich’s Contribution to Psychoanalysis) and Wie unrecht hatte Marx wirklich? Band 1:Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft (How Wrong was Marx Really? Volume I: Society and Economics).
His study on the unconscious motives of the poet Arrabal was published by Hoffmann &Campe under the editorship of J. Cremerius. Numerous essays in the scientific journals Praxis der Psychotherapie, System ubw and Hermes. His Collected Papers on the Psychoanalysis of Religion (first published by freethought international/Indian Atheist Publishers) have been translated into five major languages, including English, Chinese, and Russian.
In 1974, Fritz Erik Hoevels founded the MRI (Marxist-Reichist Initiative), later renamed in the Bund gegen Anpassung (Alliance against Conformity).

Numerous articles published in the journals Ketzerbriefe and System ubw.

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Fritz Erik Hoevels is the editor of the book series Unerwünschte Bücher zur Kirchen- und Religionsgeschichte (Unwelcome Books on the History of Church and Religion):

  • J. R. Grigulevic: Ketzer – Hexen – Inquisitoren (Heretics –
    Witches – Inquisitors)
  • Hyam Maccoby: Jesus und der jüdische Freiheitskampf
    (Revolution in Judea: Jesus and the Jewish Resistance)
  • Giordano Bruno Guerri: Zwei arme Schweine auf dem Weg
    zum Himmel (Two Poor Wretches on their Way to Heaven)
  • Jaya Gopal: Gabriels Einflüsterungen – Eine historisch-
    kritische Bestandsaufnahme des Islam (Gabriel’s Whispers – A Historical-Critical Analysis of Islam)
  • Leo Kaplan: Die göttliche Allmacht – Die religiöse Zentral-
    Phantasie im Lichte der Psychoanalyse (Divine Omnipotence – The Central Religious Phantasy in the Light of Psychoanalysis)
  • Theodor Reik: Die Pubertätsriten der Wilden (Puberty
    Rites of the Wild)
  • Hyam Maccoby: Der Mythenschmied – Paulus und die
    Erfindung des Christentums (The Mythmaker. Paul and the
    Invention of Christianity)

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Fritz Erik Hoevels
Mass Neurosis Religion
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